Meet the Team

Your Snohomish and Whidbey Water Experts!

We Know Water

Our talented and knowledgeable staff can get anything done for you. Period. If they don't know, they will say so. If they don't have the answers to your questions, they will find out. They have simple goals. To ascertain your water quality, combine that with your desired results, and configure a solution that meets your needs. No salesmanny gimmicks, no extra fluff. Just solutions to problems.

Jim Howard

Problem Water Specialist

Jim is a Problem Water Specialist for Culligan and has been with Culligan since 2000. If you have any questions about water analysis, filtration, treatment or purification, he's the guy to call.

Jim's ability to find solutions to sometimes complex water issues is certainly unique. That combined with his straight forward approach to helping customers achieve desired results, combines to an extremely effective combination.

When Jim isn't helping his clients make their water better, he can be found near a river or somewhere offshore chasing fish! He also enjoys archery, crabbing, clamming and camping.

Cheryl Morgan

Cheryl is the A/R, receptionist, and handles all customer relations including sales & invoicing. She has been with Culligan for 17 years and is the backbone of the Snohomish organization. All great companies have a Cheryl working in the background. Chances are, you either have or will have an opportunity to meet her over the phone when you work with us here at Culligan to solve your unique water quality challenges.

Cheryl has been married for 45 years and enjoys horseback riding, walking, sports and spending time with her five grandchildren.

Shannon Morgan

Shannon has been working at Culligan for over 5 years. She graduated from the University of Washington and lives in Snohomish. She spends most of her off work time enjoying family activities.

The last name of Morgan, is no coincidence... Cheryl's daughter Shannon has all the great attributes of her mother, carried forward to make this dynamic duo a truely dynamic front office team. Shannon just gets stuff done while wearing a smile on her face!

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